Friday, October 9, 2009

Fashionably Late Five Year Anniversary Party!

e had a fabulous Fashionably Late Five Year Anniversary Party! September 22, 2009 through September 26, 2009 guests and business owners from downtown Keene visited our salon and treated our clients to entertainment, food, fun, and drinks! A very special thank you is extended to everyone who gave their time to help make our celebration possible.

What a way to start the week off.. The Mayor let us all know how dedicated he is to downtown Keene and talked about how he wants to invite the populace to be a part of the visioning committees to help shape the future of Keene.

Keene's premier Barista Judy Rogers , owner of Primeroast Coffee preparing our favorite drink at MODA the "cappuccino cooler". Judy has been an amazing asset for downtown.

Luca Paris, owner of Luca's Mediterranean Cafe and Market, with a fantastic spread and his infectious personality. His brand of wine, Mediterranean Margarita and amazing shrimp was a huge hit and people definitely left with their hair as an afterthought and a reservation at Luca's in the forefront.

How amazing. High Tea by Two .. Great idea for showers or gatherings with your friends..

Moe's.. Beth has a fantastic eye and will get you out of those mom jeans into something appropriate and hot! She was down on the floor fitting people it was so inspiring to see her passion!


Mayor Dale Pregent, Creative Encounters, Prime Roast, Luca’s Mediterranean CafĂ©, Ye Goodie Shoppe, MOE-Momentum Clothing, Saks Thrift Avenue, High Tea by Two, and Lady of America.